Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where Newspapers & Journalism are Heading!

The Newspaper of the Future

You've all seen the trends of how newspapers continue to fold or go bankrupt due to lack of advertising as the trend moves to different media namely the internet. That said, it begs the question what comes next. I suspect that news has already been transformed yet it is the delivery which is coming next that will revolutionize and signal the final demise of newsprint.

Small and affordable inewspapers about the size of a textbook will be entering the market very soon. Already the "Kindle" from Amazon has swept the world but it still remains too highly priced and complex for the mass market. I predict that competitors within two years will release inewspapers for about $99 that their main function will be internet and email capabilities, with a keyboard and wifi capable. Extremely thin wafer filament technology will allow for very lightweight; less than 8oz yet durable, full color with sound functions and expandable memory.

These inewspapers along with internet enabled digital television will be the total demise of newsprint as a medium. Everyone will have access to media rich content at home, office or anywhere wifi is available; even on the airplane.

I suspect providers such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and others will try to grab market share for the hardware and software systems and in future greater functionality will be incorporated into these minicomputers for music, video, imaging, navigation, shopping, networking, gaming and so on. Looking to the Next Horizon ---Vaughn Bresheare, San Diego

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